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Policy on Privacy

Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA repects the privacy of its donors and whom we deal with.

Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA

Policy on Privacy

1. Privacy of the Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA database:

  • The Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA database is never to be sold to any other organisation.
  • Specific information on the Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA database can only ever be given to other organisations when the donor agrees and is aware that the information will be given, and it is essential for the purpose (eg, credit card details to a bank for monthly donations).

2. Security of the Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA database:

  • Access to the database must be through a secure password only.
  • Access to the database is through a restricted number of computers/workstations.
  • Generally, only select staff and volunteers under supervision have access to database.
  • The National Marketing and Fundraising Officer will keep a record of who has access to the database.
  • A separate secure password is used for all on-line banking transactions.

3. Integrity of database:

  • The National Marketing and Fundraising Officer has oversight and responsibility for the database. Ultimate responsibility rests with the Executive Officer.
  • The National Administration Officer is primarily responsible for database changes, and any additions or deletions requiring to be made.
  • The Senior Administration Manager also has access to the database and its contents and use.

4. Accessing Information

  • All supporters of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA for whom we have details recorded have the right to access these details at any time.
  • Supporters have the right to update and/or alter their details at any time.
  • Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA will provide you with the opportunity to opt out of receiving future correspondence

5. Complaints re Privacy:

  • The Executive Officer is the person overall responsible for privacy issues, and to who complaints should be directed.

6. Security of sensitive financial information:

  • All hard (paper) copies which contains sensitive information (eg, names and addresses, credit card details, CVs etc) should be shredded before putting into blue recycling bin. It should not be used as draft paper for the printer.
  • The hard (paper) copies of financial transactions which are kept for filing should be filed in a secure location.
  • The Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA website is a secure site, and all financial details such as donations and credit card details are to be sent through the secure server.

7. Security of sensitive personal information:

  • Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA will not record sensitive personal information about members or donors on the database, and any information to be given (eg, membership of a union) will be optional, not required.

8. Dissemination of Policy Statement:

  • all new printed matter which will entail people giving Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA their address or contact (eg, donations leaflet, raffle leaflet) should have an abbreviated policy statement and refer them to our full statement on our web site.
  • A statement of how individuals or organisations can opt out from the Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA database, and no longer receive mail, will be included in both the full policy statement and also on all new printed material

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