Make 2019 the tipping point for Asbestos

The campaign to win asbestos bans across Asia has had big wins in 2018.

2019 will be a pivotal year and we are proud to be part of the global campaign of trade unions and activists.

Momentum is building as more countries move towards a ban and as understanding of the dangers of asbestos grows.

But the asbestos industry is pushing back hard to stop or delay bans.

Every year a country continues to use asbestos, thousands more products end up in communities, in people’s homes, and workplaces.

Help us ban asbestos and stop illegal asbestos imports coming in to our communities and workplaces.

With your support we can make 2019 a tipping point in the campaign to end asbestos.

Donations of $2 and over to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’ s Overseas Project Fund Account are tax deductible.

Global – Bans in Brazil and Canada have weakened the asbestos industry; now only a handful of countries mine or export asbestos.

Vietnam – On January 23 the Prime Minister of Vietnam instructed the Ministry of Construction to develop a plan to ban asbestos roof sheeting by 2023.

Cambodia – With Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s support, government and trade unions are developing the first National Asbestos Profile. 120 samples of materials were sent to Brisbane to check for asbestos–over half came back positive.

Laos – Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA and the World Health Organisation supported partners to develop the first National Action Plan which proposes an asbestos ban 2020. It was revealed the country is the highest user of asbestos per capita in the world.

Indonesia – Victims of asbestos related diseases are organising for just compensation from the government. Community organising has built a broad coalition to campaign for awareness on hazards and a ban at local and national levels.

Global – Change the rules at the Rotterdam Convention meeting so asbestos producing countries can’t block the listing of chrysotile asbestos on Annex III.

Vietnam – Lock in the roadmap to ban asbestos sheeting in the construction sector and confirm a ban date. Support awareness campaign among ethnic minorities in regional areas.

Cambodia – Complete and promote National Asbestos Profile. Install microscope and conduct training so testing of materials for asbestos can happen in Cambodia.

Laos – Confirm and promote National Action Plan to Eliminate Asbestos Related Diseases and the banning of asbestos in Laos. Conduct campaign training for anti asbestos coalition.

Indonesia – Support advocacy for local asbestos bans at city level, promote victim’s rights, and build the national campaign to ban asbestos.

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