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Our international work is predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region with our areas of expertise including asbestos, trade union development, women’s rights, climate justice and just transition, migration and refugees.

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is available for interviews, comments, information, and case studies.

Our communications organiser can put you in touch with the relevant spokesperson for comment, interview or to discuss any media opportunities.

Contact: or +61 2 9264 9343

Check out our latest Media Releases and Public Statements
Global Call to End Trade Negotiations During Pandemic
Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA has joined international aid and civil society organisations in calling for an end to trade negotiations during the Coronavirus pandemic to help low-income countries focus on the health emergency.
Australian Civil Society Calls for Debt Relief to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic
Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA has joined international aid and civil society organisations in calling for debt relief to low-income countries to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.
Media Release – Launch of Cambodian National Asbestos Profile
Media Release on the Launch of the Cambodian National Asbestos Profile, Phnom Penh - Thursday 27 June 2019.
Media Release: Rotterdam Convention (CoP9) – 10 May 2019
Asian delegation slams the failure for the 7th time to list chrysotile asbestos onto the Rotterdam Convention due to unethical veto of asbestos producer countries and their allies.
Media Release: Rotterdam Convention (CoP9) – 3 May 2019
Rotterdam Convention: A 12-year veto of asbestos producer countries to the listing of chrysotile asbestos costs lives and makes a mockery of scientific evidence and the principles of the Convention
Union Aid Abroad APHEDA Public Statement – 30 April 2019
Public Statement regarding APHEDA's accreditation status and the suspension of DFAT-funded project in Palestine lifted - published 30 April 2019.
400 x 250 asbestos_media release Vietnam
MEDIA RELEASE: Australian Delegation studying asbestos visit Vietnam
Australian delegation studying asbestos threats to health in Vietnam commend Prime Minister’s decision to stop asbestos roofsheet production by 2023.
400 x 250 asbestos_media release LAOS (1)
MEDIA RELEASE: Cancer Prevention on Australian Embassy Billboards in Laos
The Australian Embassy and the Office of the Embassy of Canada in Laos cancer prevention message on billboard.
400 x 250 public statement 20 september 2018
Union Aid Abroad APHEDA Public Statement – 20 September 2018
Public Statement regarding the Courier Mail article published 20 September 2018.
Cooperative Power Australia
Power for the People: Union cooperative electricity retailer formed
Union Aid Abroad is a founding member of Cooperative Power, a newly formed Australian Union cooperative electricity retailer.
Media Release: Laos takes steps to end asbestos
Laos takes steps to end asbestos - workshop to launch the development of the National Action Plan to Eliminate Asbestos-Related Diseases...
400 x 250 eNews for web_no TPP_APWLD statement
APHEDA signs onto Statement denouncing TPP
APHEDA signs Statement with feminist organisations and allies on the CPTPP takeover of International Women's Day.

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