As many of you know, CoPower is a newly formed non-profit cooperative dedicated to revolutionizing Australia’s energy sector through democratic decision-making and community engagement. 

Each year, the 4,000 member households of Co-Power come together to democratically decide which climate projects will receive funding. This year, there are 15 project applications in the running, including ours. The final vote, determining the allocation of the $42,500 fund. 

If you join CoPower up to Sunday 7 July, you will be able to vote and APHEDA members get an exclusive $50 member sign-on credit.

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Vote for our project: Solar Power for Palestinian Women Cooperative 

We are excited to present our project, “Solar Power for Palestinian Women Cooperative,” a collaboration with the Palestinian organization MA’AN Development Center. For years, we have been working to build the capacities of women’s cooperatives in food production and processing, supported by funds from the Australian Government and Australian Education Unions. This project aims to enhance Palestinian sovereignty over land and food, promote women’s economic and social empowerment, and build resilience against the occupation. 

Project details 

One of the cooperatives we support is an organic farming cooperative consisting of 16 women in the village of Deir al Sudan, located in the Ramallah district. When a delegation of Australian trade unionists visited in August 2023, the women showcased a demountable structure on their land used for shelter and food storage. However, they expressed a critical need for solar power to avoid reliance on running a long electrical line and paying for electricity from the Israeli company. 

Implementing solar power will transform their cooperative, providing sustainable energy and enabling labour-saving measures. This change will significantly enhance their productivity and independence. 

How you can help 

We encourage you to support this vital project by voting for it in the upcoming Co-Power democratic vote. Your vote will directly contribute to empowering these women, promoting sustainable energy, and supporting Palestinian communities in their pursuit of self-sufficiency and resilience. 

Check out this voting guide

Key dates 

  • Vote Launch: The vote opens this Saturday 29 June and closes Sunday 14 July. 
  • Project Voting: Available to all Co-Power member households. Join CoPower up to Sunday 7 July. 

Thank you for being an active and engaged member of Co-Power. Together, we can drive impactful change and support communities in need. 


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