Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA activists in South Australia

This year is our 40th anniversary and the theme we’re using to commemorate is ‘Building Global Justice and Union Power’. 

Just like a union, we get our power from you, our membership. So, we decided the best way to commemorate 40 years of building union power abroad was to put this theme into action at home.  

On March 14 we launched a membership drive, complete with commemorative artwork designed by Melbourne artist (and Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA member) Judy Kuo. 

We have been blown away by the response! In just two short months our membership grew by 5% with another 5% of existing members upgrading their monthly membership contribution.  

This is on the back of an overall 10% increase in membership this financial year. We’re so pleased to see the organisation growing and, in the process, building union power. 

Well done to everyone who joined and upgraded their membership. We’re looking forward to seeing you out and about in your t-shirts at a rally soon! (Send us your pics to comms@apheda.org.au)  

Why is this important? 

When you become a monthly donor to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, you help us sustain our work with partner organisations that are transforming their realities, even in the most challenging environments. With your help, we support unions and social movements to level the playing field. 

We are inspired by our partner organisations, unions, and activists who work for workers, refugees, and women’s rights in the context of increasing climate crisis challenges and social injustice.  

Workers in Cambodia and Timor-Leste, who weren’t previously recognised or able to access workers’ rights, are now organizing and advocating for their future. 

Projects like those we support in Palestine and along the Thai-Myanmar border highlight the critical need for sustained efforts to secure basic rights and respond to dire situations where lives are at risk. 

Together, we’re supporting human rights, labour rights and climate justice. Thank you for being a part of this movement! 

What’s on next? 

  • Adelaide: Join the annual Terri Daktyl dinner, a fundraiser for our work being held on June 14. Get your tickets here 
  • Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne: Mohamed Mayara from Western Sahara will have a speaking tour from 3-29 June. Check details here 


Invite your friends, colleagues and community to join our global solidarity community. Share this link with them: apheda.org.au/join

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