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To build solidarity across borders, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA depends upon the contributions of our members, supporting unions, and activists. You can play a part by sharing the stories from our projects, campaigns, and appeals in your union, workplace, and community. 

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA in Timor Leste: “Celebrating Twenty Years of Independence, Decades of Solidarity”

On the twentieth anniversary of Timorese independence, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA celebrates the journey of resistance and resilience of the Timorese people. The solidarity of Australian unionists was crucial in building international support for the Timorese people, and today Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is continuing the legacy of solidarity in Timor Leste.

Take a look at the pamphlet “Twenty years of Independence, Decades of Solidarity” to see how our partner organisations are building the power of Timorese communities to defend their interests, fight for their rights, and secure decent livelihoods.

Download the pamphlet!

Women’s Solidarity Across Borders: Women Fighting for their Rights with Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA

When women come together to fight for their rights, they can achieve dignified livelihoods, living wages, and safe workplaces.

That’s why Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA works with its partner organisations around the world to support women’s movements and women leaders, advocates, and campaigners to achieve justice in their workplaces and communities.

Here’s a snapshot of how Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is working to strengthen women’s power across the globe.

Download the pamphlet!

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