Video interview between two activists - Debbie Stothard and Charm Tong - on the increased militarisation on Thai-Burma border under the cover of COVID-19.
On 30 November 2020, unionists from around the globe gathered in solidarity with workers from the Philippines.
In November 2020, APHEDA made a submission to the AIIB Environmental and Social Framework review to ensure that economic development does not include asbestos!
Sally Waterford is APHEDA’s longest serving member. How do we know? Because Sally was the first person to join APHEDA when it was founded in 1984.
The Karen Women’s Organisation is strengthening the capacity of Karen women in Karen State and in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar Border to claim their rights.
angelo gavrielatos
Thank you, Angelo! After 10 years in the role, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA Chairperson Angelo Gavrielatos has stepped down from our governing committee.
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has been continuing to campaign for worker's rights and democracy despite a worsening crisis - political and economic.
In Cambodia, union organisers are refreshing their strategies and tactics to educate workers about the dangers of asbestos. Using distance learning, union educator Kathleen Galvin is volunteering her time, skills and expertise to work with the APHEDA Cambodia team to
In October 2020, APHEDA’s partner organisation, the Building Wood Workers Trade Union Federation (BWTUC), took the lead on Cambodia’s first Tripartite Consultation on Responding to Asbestos Hazards in the Construction Sector.

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