Building the capacities of farmer and worker organisations to respond to the pandemic and floods.
Donate today to help APHEDA’s partner organisations in Myanmar and on the Thai-Myanmar border stay strong as they resist military oppression and build political power during the crisis.
Meet Deb Nicholls, long-time APHEDA member and volunteer trade union education on projects in the Mekong.
WWCTL received the Prime Ministers’ Award in the category of strong advocacy on behalf of its members.
LFTU continues to organise workers in the private sector despite COVID-19 setbacks.
In the context of COVID 19 and increasing pressure on resources along the border, MTC’s role in providing quality care has been critical.
Since the coup in Myanmar,KWO and MICS-TUsF have been working hard to provide emergency assistance and legal support to imprisoned trade unionists.
Update by APHEDA and Mondiaal FNV: here are two infographics highlighting Worker's Rights Violations and the Outlook of Myanmar's Ready Made Garment Industry under martial law.
400 _ 250 1.5 degrees
Climate change impacts all workers. Limiting global warming to 1.5°C will make a tangible difference. Here are five reasons why 1.5°C is trade union business!
Without urgent action and a waiver on intellectual property rights (TRIPS Waiver), unequal access to COVID-19 vaccines is set to further entrench global inequality and prolong the pandemic for all of us.
In July 2021, rioting in South Africa, particularly around Durban and Johannesburg, shows the desperation of millions of people as the climate and COVID crises cause unrest.

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