Donate today to help APHEDA’s partner organisations in Myanmar and on the Thai-Myanmar border stay strong as they resist military oppression and build political power during the crisis. Read more
A joint statement calling for the release of 22 trade unionists who were arrested in Cambodia during a strike. Read more
The Myanmar diaspora community in Australia has written an open letter to the Australian government, calling on it to do more to help the people of Myanmar. Read more
Dale Beasley is the Secretary of SA Unions. Before becoming a union delegate, organiser, and director, he started his working life as a chef. Dale has been an active member of Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA for 11 years, and was elected to his current role in August 2021. Read more
The union movement has been campaigning to achieve affordable access to vaccines for everyone. In this global emergency, governments and pharmaceutical companies need to put people before mega profits – especially since vaccines were developed with the use of public subsidies. Read more
The 5th Big Ride for Palestine took place around Australia over two weeks to raise awareness of ongoing human rights issues facing Palestinian people. Read more
The military junta has intensified its violent attacks on workers and trade unionists in Myanmar. Concerted action of the international community to demand the release of all political prisoners remains the top priority. Read more
Pacific countries discuss how to dispose of asbestos in their small island countries, new partners join the campaign in Vietnam, and journalists get training on the health hazards of asbestos in Laos. Read more
In the context of the devastating coup unfolding inside Myanmar and the ongoing impacts of COVID 19, the Karen Women’s Organisation has continues its struggle for women’s equality and for peace and democracy. Read more
Join our meeting in person in Sydney, or online. Hear about APHEDA's work over the past year and get important campaign updates. Read more

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