The global trade union movement is deeply concerned about the situation in Gaza. Amidst this humanitarian catastrophe, global and Australian unions have issued a strong call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Read more
Massimo Calosi is a union member and activist. Recently, he collaborated with Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA to fundraise for the Gaza Emergency Appeal, utilizing his professional skills as a chef.  "I felt very grateful and rewarded to be able to put my professional skills into something different than a business." Read more
The co-founder of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, Dr Helen McCue, received The Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize given by the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) which recognises the inspirational and extraordinary contributions and devoted efforts of Australians seeking to aid Palestinians in their call for justice.  Read more
The work of our partner organisation in Gaza has unfolded in an extraordinarily challenging context. Sami Khader, Director of MA'AN Development Center, highlighted the harsh reality: “Our people have endured 16 years of oppressive blockade, turning Gaza, home to 2.4 million Palestinians, into the world’s largest open-air prison.”  Read more
The Summit brings together civil society together with the Myanmar diaspora and representatives of government. It is an expression of the strongest support for civilian rule in Myanmar to the ASEAN leaders in attendance in Melbourne at the ASEAN Special Summit, hosted by the Australian Prime Minister from 4-6 March, 2024.  Read more
A groundbreaking legal battle is underway in Indonesia to safeguard the health of both workers and consumers against the dangers of asbestos. Campaign organisations dedicated to eliminating asbestos-related diseases have taken a bold step by filing a case with the Supreme Court. Read more
Reports from Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA's partner organisations indicate the stressful situation on the ground, with young civilians panicking and seeking to leave the country in masses to avoid serving in the military which many of them have protested against. Read more
Timorese working women have achieved better working conditions through the Working Women Centre Timor Leste (WWCTL) as many were living and working outside of any social protections as informal workers. WWCTL’s members have been inspired by this collective action to form a domestic workers union – to become the first of its kind in Timor-Leste.  Read more

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