2019 Solidarity Award: Madame An Recognised for Tireless Efforts to Ban Asbestos

Jan 30, 2020


At the 2019 Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA Annual General Meeting, we recognised Madame An for her tireless campaigning to secure an asbestos-free future in Vietnam.

Madame An is a long and valued ally of Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s Vietnam program. She has been a strong advocate in the campaign to ban asbestos, and she was instrumental in bringing about the Vietnam Prime Minister’s announcement of a ban on use of asbestos in Vietnam in 2023. To read Madam An’s full biography, click here.

Upon receiving the Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA Solidarity Award, Madame An sent a video message to Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA members and supporters. She told us:

“I would like to thank Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA for accompanying us in the fight against toxic substances including chrysotile asbestos”



“I promise that I will keep trying my best to continue devoting myself to do things for the people and the country.”

For your tireless defence of the rights of ordinary people, we say thank you, Madame An!


Fight for Global Justice

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is working with campaigners and advocates like Madame An to secure a ban on asbestos in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia. To help support campaigners like Madame An, you can become a member of Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA and give a monthly contribution to support their struggle for an asbestos-free future.

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