Accreditation achieved!

Jul 31, 2020

We are pleased to inform all of our members and supporters that Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA recently passed the accreditation process for Australian international development organisations!

This Accreditation process was established by the Australian government and Australian NGOs in 1996 and is coordinated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has remained continuously accredited since the process started.

The process is an assessment of all functions of an organisation’s work:

  • governance, including effective management and risk management all levels;
  • international development practice and approach;
  • communications, including how people are portrayed and represented and how consent is given,
  • probity of all finance functions including risk management, transparency and adherence to robust accounting standards.

Written submissions are made and independent assessors visit the organisation over three days to assess the validity of the evidence.

apheda passes accreditation

The Accreditation standards continue to evolve as they are seen as an important way to build the capacity of Australian development NGOs as well the partner organisations we work with internationally. Of course expectations have changed over the years on ‘what is quality development?’. For example, standards were added to include how to make sure gender quality is integrated into projects and how to prioritise access for people with disabilities. Expectations on ensuring the protection of children from abuse in project work continue to increase and now child protection is considered a ‘red-line’ issue (meaning standards on child protection have to be high enough to pass overall).

In the last two years, a new standard on the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment has been introduced and all organisations are working to integrate this into their international program work.

Passing the accreditation process means we remain eligible to receive DFAT funding. This is an important part of Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s overall income along with all of you who donate monthly, Australian and international unions who contribute and other philanthropic and government funding.

Congratulations to everyone involved – all the unions and community organisations we work with internationally and all Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA staff and volunteers. It is certainly an achievement!

For more information about the Accreditation standards.

If you want to know more about our current Strategic Plan, you can find it here.


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