APHEDA joins the School Strike for Climate – May 2021

May 31, 2021

On Friday 21 May 2021, tens of thousands of young people went on strike across Australia to demand the Morrison government take real and immediate action to avoid catastrophic global heating. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, along with strong delegations from unions, was proud to march alongside school students and young leaders in both Sydney and Melbourne (see photos).



Global Solidarity for the Climate Strike

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, solidarity action was not possible in countries around our region. However, APHEDA staff from across Asia were still able to show their solidarity and sent through photos from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.



APHEDA stands with workers and communities on the frontlines of climate change

Through a variety of different projects, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA supports workers and communities on the frontline of dangerous global heating across Asia and the Pacific. In April 2021, Timor Leste was hit by unprecedented floods killing 45 people. The floods have devastated the livelihoods of tens of thousands more. Such devastating extreme weather events are increasing in both occurrence and severity. The deadly and devastating impacts are borne most heavily by women, migrant workers and indigenous groups across our region. For the majority of workers who are in the informal economy across our region, global heating is entrenching economic precarity and inequality.

Australia must act now

APHEDA was proud to join young people at the Climate Strike to say “enough is enough.” The Morrison Government must change course. It must act now to reduce pollution in line with the science of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius for our shared future. While the world and our region are moving to reduce pollution in line with the science of a safe climate, the Morrison government is becoming increasingly isolated on the world stage.

Governments across the world are currently preparing for a crucial UN Climate Summit in November this year. Along with unions in Australia, we are asking you to send a message to the Morrison Government by signing this petition demanding a safe climate with secure union jobs. As a key global laggard, the Morrison government is exposing workers and communities across our region to existential risks. Australia can change course and drive solutions that put workers, the environment and communities first.

We need a safe climate with secure union jobs | Sign the ACTU Megaphone petition today.


Join the fight for global justice!

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA relies on the solidarity shown by unionists, internationalists, and activists from around Australia. Join the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement today!

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