Massimo Calosi is a union member and activist. Recently, he collaborated with Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA to fundraise for the Gaza Emergency Appeal, utilizing his professional skills as a chef.  “I am from Italy and moved to Australia in 2016 and have been a Multicultural Safety Ambassador at the Migrant Workers Centre since 2021. That’s how I got involved with different activities at Trades Hall”, he adds.

Q. How did the idea of using your creative skills for fundraising come to you? 

I was having a chat with one of the organisers of the fundraiser and while they were explaining to me the fundraiser’s initial idea, it came up naturally that I could contribute by using my professional skills, not only by cooking but also using the connections with local suppliers. 

I felt very grateful and rewarded to be able to put my professional skills into something different than a business. It’s empowering to know that the same skills that we have for our regular jobs, can be used to be a small part of a bigger cause. 

 Q. What motivated your choice to coordinate aid efforts with Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA? 

Mainly two factors, the first one is that I care particularly for the specific cause APHEDA was fundraising for, the Emergency Appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza. The second one is that I believe that APHEDA in general is doing really important work and I wanted to be a small part of it with my contribution. 

Q. What would you say to inspire others to engage with APHEDA and contribute their efforts?  

APHEDA is doing great work advocating for global justice, and economic and social equality through the power of solidarity. To be part of this process, in any capacity, is a privilege and an act of solidarity towards workers all over the world. There is a sense of empowerment when we spend our time and efforts towards this cause, even if it’s in a way that we believe is small or marginal. Many of these small actions can really make a difference in someone’s life somewhere. 

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