Leila Frijat is an artist and carer living in Gadigal Country, Sydney, who not long ago became part of a new generation of young Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA activists. Her work spans into variety of mediums but mostly gravitates towards illustrations, photography, and interactive installations.  

Recently, her friend Sarah approached her with an intriguing request:  to create a mural illustration for her café, ‘Khamsa Eatery’ which serves a variety of different Palestinian food and drink. Although the project took an unexpected turn, they seized the opportunity to repurpose Leila’s illustration for a meaningful cause – a t-shirt fundraiser to support APHEDA’s Gaza Emergency Appeal.  

Could you share your feelings and thoughts when contributing your skills to assist APHEDA?  

At first, I was unsure how I could contribute to the cause and whether anyone would want art to be made during such a horrific time. However, after the fundraiser was launched, I was overwhelmed by such a warm and strong community response. I’ve had countless conversations with friends and strangers about what wearing it means to them and that has reframed the way I think about making art and who for. Working to support APHEDA’s work even in this small way has been incredibly rewarding and provided me with a more meaningful motivation for why I make art.  (Check her art here)

What motivated your choice to coordinate aid efforts with Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA? 

My friend Sarah recommended that we coordinate the fundraiser with Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s aid efforts as her family has been involved with APHEDA’s work in the past. Alongside this, I’ve found that my values strongly align with APHEDA’s, especially in their work to support their partner organisations to be self-reliant.  

What would you say to inspire others to engage with Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA and contribute their efforts? 

I would say that the simple process of just speaking with the team at APHEDA can inspire you to think laterally about the skills that you can contribute. Taking that step, to see how you can contribute to their work can inspire you to be more involved in taking meaningful action.   


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