Ban Asbestos Campaigners Visit Australia for Training in Asbestos Safety and Removal

Feb 27, 2020


Country by country, our partner organisations and unions are working to end the use of asbestos and the exposure of workers and communities to this dangerous product.

This February in Melbourne, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA hosted a delegation of nine ban asbestos campaigners and union leaders from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam to train in best practice asbestos removal and regulation.

The nine campaigners who participated in the training sessions were Nguyen Chi Cong (Nghe An Federation of Labour), Sambath Chan (Solidarity Centre), Thy Yann (Building Woodworkers Trade Union of Cambodia), Rany Teng (Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA Cambodia), Inpeng (Laos Federation of Trade Unions), Muchamad Darisman (Local Initiative for OHS Network – LION), Subono (SERBUK Union), Doctor Ade Dwi Lestari, and Ms Dwi Irawati (Industrial Hygienist)


Above: Visiting ban asbestos campaigners meet with Dave Noonan, Nigel Davies and Pete Clarke of the CFMEU.


In their training week, the delegation participated in a practical field visit to the decommissioned Hazelwood Power Station, where an extensive asbestos removal operation is under way. When they return home, they will be able to share their skills and knowledge with the Ban Asbestos Networks that are working towards an asbestos-free future.



On their visit, the ban asbestos campaigners met with union leaders and parliamentarians to discuss the progress in the campaign to ban asbestos across South East Asia.

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) President Michele O’Neil heard about how they are fighting back against the asbestos lobby, and federal parliamentarian Lisa Chesters MP discussed how the Australian government can act to support the fight against asbestos in the region.

Lisa is the co-chair of the Parliamentary Group on Asbestos-Related Diseases, and she is supporting our campaign to stop Australian aid and development money funding the asbestos industry.



Following their training workshops and field-trips, the nine ban asbestos campaigners were presented with a Certificate of Completion by the CFMEU Victoria Training Centre trainers Anne Duggan and Mark Devereaux.

The delegation of asbestos ban campaigners also visited the Asbestos Council of Victoria | GARDS in Gippsland. The group met with CEO Secretary Vickie Hamilton who shared important lessons for advocacy and support for communities of people affected by asbestos-related diseases.



Country by country, workplace by workplace, these nine campaigners are leading the fight to safeguard communities against deadly asbestos! 🚫


The training program was supported by the CFMEU – Construction & General and the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency.

The campaign to ban asbestos is supported by the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) through the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Support the campaign ban asbestos in South East Asia!

In Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia, our partner organisations are working to secure safe workplaces and communities by banning asbestos. You can support their fight by signing the petition to stop Australian aid and development from financing the asbestos lobby!

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