Celebrating Ten Years Working on the Hapilan Childcare Project

Jun 26, 2019

The Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD), supported by Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA through funding from Unions NSW, have been providing early childhood education, environmental awareness and basic health services to some of the most disadvantaged children in Manila for over ten years. Based on a ten-year evaluation of the Hapilan Childcare Project, APHEDA reflects on the impact of the project and its journey to safeguard children and support waste picking families living in this large urban poor community in the Philippines.


400 x 250 Hapilan IOHSADTen Year Evaluation: Hapilan Childcare Project

In July 2019, the Hapilan Daycare Centre marks its tenth year of providing early childhood education and health care to the students and families of one of Manila’s most disadvantaged communities. After completing a comprehensive review of the project, the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD) and the Hapilan Daycare Centre’s team will use the valuable lessons to continue inspiring Hapilan’s parents to stand up for their rights.

Fostering a love of learning

This year, the Daycare Centre has experienced enthusiastic participation among the students and their parents. Learning through games and activities has motivated the students to continue their learning into primary school, while parents have been able to become their children’s first and best teachers by participating in parenting workshops. Through fostering an ongoing love of learning, IOHSAD and APHEDA believe that these children will be better equipped to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

A safe and sound childhood

One of the major highlights of this school year was securing a child-friendly and safe environment for students. By putting in place a Child Protection Policy, and with the active participation of members of the Child Protection Committee, the Daycare Centre can better safeguard the health and education of the students.

Healthier children; brighter smiles

In 2012, IOHSAD expanded the childcare project and established the Hapilan Children’s Clinic – one of the most significant and beneficial aspects of the project in the last ten years. Families are now able to access the health and dental care services their children need to grow healthy and strong. In this past year, by working with local partners, the Hapilan community was able to hold a healthcare mission to reach out to all members of the community.

Celebrating the work of IOHSAD and the Hapilan Daycare Centre

Thanks to the high energy of the Hapilan Daycare Centre community, this tenth school year has been one of the most memorable yet. The work has paved the way for finalising the decade-long program, and the lessons that have been learnt will be important to strengthen community organising and demand justice for the urban poor.

After ten years working on the Hapilan Childcare Project, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA wants to celebrate the achievements of the children that have been educated about their rights and their parents who have stood up together for justice.

APHEDA would also like to thank IOHSAD and the dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure access to early education for the children of Hapilan as well as strengthened the capacity of the community to provide basic health care and dental services. The IOHSAD told us:

“The Hapilan Daycare Project gave us a deeper understanding of the concrete conditions and issues faced by the people of Barangay Hapilan in Tondo, Manila. The decade-long project provided us with a first-hand experience of the government’s neglect and failure to provide basic services such as health and education to the community. The difficulty accessing these basic services led the people to fully embrace and appreciate our project.”


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