We support Early Childhood Educators!

Mar 29, 2018


Earlier this week, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA supported the biggest national walk off of Early Childhood Educators in Australia. In solidarity with the 6500 workers who walked off the job for equal pay, APHEDA’s Sydney office turned into a temporary daycare centre with 3-year-old Rosie and Raffy coming in for the day.

Staff took turns to engage Rosie and Raffy with dress-ups, games, stories and activities. It was at times chaotic and noisy but everyone at APHEDA values the work of the highly trained childhood educators who look after our children day in, day out. They deserve more than $21 an hour for the important work that they do. These children are the future and our future needs to be in great hands – decently paid hands!


In Melbourne, Tom and Samantha took to the streets with thousands of parents, unionists and childhood educators to show the Australian government that a world-class education system must start with fair pay. There is substantial evidence showing that the health of a country’s economy is in direct correlation to the quality of its education system, and the best way to ensure that is through fair pay.

Melbourne Big Steps rally

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