Nov 17, 2015 | Frontpage

Ending Asbestos in South East Asia

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is organising a study tour to Australia for a group of Vietnamese and Lao officials and civil society activists who are involved in environmental health issues and pushing for a ban on asbestos in their respective countries.

The objective of the visit is to understand what structures and systems have been developed in Australia since the ban was declared 12 years ago and what lessons have been learnt in Australia which could be useful in Vietnam and Lao PDR.

Following international campaigning, the Vietnam government has made a commitment to ban chrysotile in 2020, and is currently working on its national action plan to eliminate asbestos related diseases (ARDs).

While the situation is definitely shifting in Vietnam and Laos, the work is not yet over in South East Asia. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has recently expanded its work, and is now working with Unions and communities in Indonesia and Cambodia. We need your support to end asbestos use in South East Asia!

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