As the weather warms up, what better way to show your commitment to a fairer future for all workers than with a new APHEDA ‘global solidarity’ tshirt?

Over the next two months, everyone who increases their monthly donation by $10 or more, or becomes a monthly donor, gets a free APHEDA tshirt or book!

Choose between a tshirt or a copy of APHEDA’s book Livelihoods and Liberation Struggles, which details the incredible history of the Australian union movement’s international solidarity through APHEDA over the past 30 years. It covers the crucial support the union movement gave to struggles in East Timor, South Africa, Palestine and Cambodia and the lessons that have been learned along the way.

Over the past two years, millions of workers around the world have been plunged into unemployment and poverty. Some governments have used pandemic powers to crack down on workers organising for their rights. Strong unions and community organisations are needed more than ever to protect workers from the growing global cost-of-living crisis, and as a force that can advocate for democracy and peace.

APHEDA’s members are the bedrock that allows us to continue our important work of building international solidarity and workers’ power around the world. Please encourage your workmates and family members to join us and help us strengthen our organisation at this critical time.

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