Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s national team has been working with a group of volunteer union educators to create a new training module on global justice and international solidarity.

This training module, which has a 30-minute and a 90-minute version, is designed to be a resource available for all unions and like-minded civil society organisations. It is a contribution to continuing the tradition of building an internationally concerned and engaged union movement in Australia.

Building internationalism is crucial, and this is an opportunity to pass on these lessons to union leaders of the future.

The training module doesn’t just cover information about APHEDA, but also introduces the global political context that creates the need for workers’ solidarity. It allows us to delve a little deeper into the ‘why’ that drives our work and the wonderful partner organisations we support, and in so doing builds up the bonds of solidarity with comrades from overseas.

How do we do all this? Well, one example can be seen in a short video we prepared for the most recent pilot of the 90-minute module. This pilot, delivered as part of Victorian Trades Hall Women’s Rights At Work Fest, had a specific focus on feminist movement building so we arranged a special introduction to Delfia Pereira of the Manufahi Municipality Farmers Union and Timor’s first female union leader.

Check out the interview with Delfia in this video.

Help us continue global justice education

If you have a background in training delivery and would like to be part of the volunteer group delivering our training, or if you know a group who would like to receive this training, please get in touch with Lachlan Batchelor, Lead Organiser at lbatchelor@apheda.org.au.


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