Lachlan, centre, with United Workers Union staff in Adelaide.

Lachlan Batchelor is the lead organiser at Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA. Based in Melbourne, he spends his time speaking to unions, delegate meetings and conferences about APHEDA’s international work.

Recently he participated in the Young Worker’s conference in Brisbane, which was organised by the Queensland Young Workers Hub and brought together attendees from a number of unions. Lachlan gave a presentation about Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, which included a short history of internationalism in the Australian trade union movement and an understanding about how APHEDA’s international projects are supporting climate justice.

In March Lachlan made a visit to Unions SA in Adelaide. There he met with long-time APHEDA activist and newly elected Unions SA leader Dale Beasley as well as members of Adelaide’s APHEDA Activist Groups to learn more about their history and find ways to support them to continue their legacy.

Lachlan said: “My job is to foster and support the internationalist work of the Australian union movement. A lot of that work happens through APHEDA, but we recognise it’s built on a long history of international consciousness and we’re here to make sure the legacy is carried forward.

“For people who are taking their first steps in the movement, I enjoy introducing them to APHEDA and asking them to act on their politics and become involved. For those who have been long-term supporters of internationalism, it’s a good opportunity to update them on our current projects and priorities.

“I see my role as a movement-building job. “It’s a privilege to have a job with an explicit duty to look at the union movement as a whole and foster connections between people who are doing good work all over the country.”

Lachlan is aiming to make a visit to all Australian states this year. He will be in Brisbane for the legendary May Day rally on May 2, followed by Perth. If you want Lachlan to visit your workplace, conference or event please contact him at

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