Switch to Cooperative Power for Fair, Clean and Sustainable Energy!

Aug 30, 2019

I’ve seen the direct impacts that dangerous global heating is having on workers across the Asia-Pacific. The increase in extreme heat, prolonged droughts and deadly typhoons are directly diminishing their livelihoods and eroding human rights.  Australia’s for-profit energy sector is a key contributor to this global crisis.  Switching my electricity to Cooperative Power is part of the solution.  Through harnessing our collective power we can ensure worker-centric solutions which provide affordable electricity and community ownership of renewable energy.”

– Godfrey Moase, APHEDA member, Assistant General Secretary, NUW and IUF Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Committee Pacific Representative. 


Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is proud to be a founding member of Cooperative Power, a newly formed cooperative organisation for Australia’s energy sector. This model takes the power back from huge energy corporations, for the benefit of people and our planet.  Cooperative Power aims to provide affordable electricity through our retail energy partner, Energy Locals . By investing the benefits into worker and community ownership of renewable energy, we can achieve a just transition to a safe climate for all.


Do you want fair, clean and sustainable energy?

As a Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA member, you can now switch your home’s electricity to Cooperative Power. 


Workers in the Asia Pacific are on the frontlines of the dangerous global heating and APHEDA is focused on working in solidarity with unions and social movement organisations for climate justice, a just transition, and energy democracy.



Australia is one of the most polluting countries in the world and continues to allow fossil fuel corporations to increase their harmful pollution. Cooperative Power brings together a broad range of social justice movements to harness our collective power for a fair, clean and sustainable energy system that puts workers and communities first! 


Cooperative Power Australia was formed by Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, The National Union of Workers, The National Tertiary Education Union, The Australian Services Union, Voices of the Valley, Earthworker Cooperative and Energy Innovation Cooperative, and has grown to include Friends of the Earth, The Surf Coast Energy Group, and Ballarat Renewable Energy & Zero Emissions.

Please note that the cooperative electricity offer is currently available to APHEDA members in South East Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.


Not a Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA member?

To make a real contribution towards a just transition to a clean energy future, become a member of Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA.

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