Aug 18, 2023

1. Conference congratulates the Albanese Government, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for International Development and the Pacific on the launch of Australia’s new International Development Policy which creates targets for gender and climate change, establishes a Civil Society Partnerships Fund to advance locally lead development, and opens up spaces for new policies to be included on Humanitarian Response, Disability and Gender Equality. The Development Policy provides a blueprint for Australia’s effective and ethical engagement with the Global South and beyond at a global level, as well as a strong focus on partnership with and respect for our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific. It is a landmark policy delivering on Labor values, recognised by the aid and development sector and the party activists in the Labor for Aid network.


2. Building on the increased ODA funding in the 2022 Budget, Conference recommits the Party as part of the global effort to attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals and eliminate extreme poverty by 2030, to the ambition of reaching the .5% of GNI goal for ODA outlined in the National Platform.


3. Conference calls on Labor in Government to commit to a plan and pathway to achieve this target of 0.5% GNI for ODA outlined in the National Platform, by rebuilding the ODA budget including to undo the damage of the Coalition Government’s cuts to ODA.


Photo by Mayday Multimedia. Women in the Philippines protest on International Women’s Day 2023 for a living wage and the freedom to organise.

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