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Festive Season Appeal 2015


Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA members and Australian unions gave generously when the earthquake hit Nepal on April 25 this year. Together, in Australia and with one of the global union federations, UNI-Global, we raised over $300,000. Your assistance helped with the most immediate of needs: building emergency shelter, providing medical assistance and food supplies.

DONATE ONLINE TODAY to NEPAL: Rebuild. Safe Build. Union Build.

There is so much more to do. The reconstruction work required is massive. Nepal’s trade union movement, together with the International Trade Union Confederation, is determined to make sure all reconstruction work in Nepal is safe and unionised with living wages.

Give generously to APHEDA’s festive season appeal – Nepal: Rebuild. Safe Build. Union Build. Support the campaign for safe, unionised work in construction across Nepal.

Download a donation form here


Check out the video from UNI-Global really shows the devastation and the impact global solidarity can have in rebuilding Nepal – there is so much work to do.


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