A significant victory for our Ban Asbestos campaign has been achieved in Indonesia again. The Jakarta Health Office has declared a ban on asbestos in homes, citing its severe health risks to residents. 

According to Dwi Oktavia of the Jakarta Provincial Health Office, asbestos is laden with carcinogens, posing grave dangers to residents by fueling diseases like inflammation and lung cancer. “The ban on asbestos use is applied because it can trigger diseases for its residents”, he said. 

This milestone follows a recent triumph in the Indonesian Supreme Court, which mandated health warning labels on all asbestos-containing materials. See the story here 

Despite its widespread use, particularly in roofs and ceilings, asbestos is now facing a crackdown to safeguard public health. 

Surya Ferdian, Director of Local Initiative OHS Network (LION) Indonesia, applauds this initiative, stressing the urgent need for regulatory support from the Jakarta government to ensure the ban’s enforcement and public protection. 

Congratulations to our campaign partner in Indonesia, LION and all Indonesian trade unions supporting this campaign, in their great work to protect the lives of workers and consumers from asbestos-related diseases. 

With support from Australian Aid (DFAT), ASSEA IBAS, and Australian trade unions, our campaign against asbestos-related diseases gains momentum, paving the way for a safer future for all. 

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