On 11 February 2021, unionists from around the globe took part in the Global Noise Barrage for Myanmar in solidarity with the people of Myanmar who are fighting to defend democracy and human rights. The action took place at 8pm Myanmar time (which was 9:30pm in Perth, 11:30pm in Brisbane, 12:00am on Friday 12 February in Adelaide and 12:30am in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra).


Since 1 February 2021, the world has watched on as the people of Myanmar resist the military coup. In the daytime they take to the streets rejecting the coup and demanding the release of those unlawfully detained since last Monday. And by night, they stage their protest through a ‘noise barrage’ every evening at 8pm. This entails the banging and clanging of pots and pans from homes around the country to signal dissent. This nightly protest has become the sound of democracy.


Activists in Melbourne join in Live from the steps of Trades Hall

The time zone presented no barrier for activists in Melbourne! This small but loud group of supporters from CPSU Victoria, Victoria Trades Hall Council, APHEDA and members of the Burmese community gathered on the steps of Trades Hall at midnight to hear solidarity messages and to collectively bang pots and pans in unison with those banging and clanging them all over the world for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar.

APHEDA Partner Organisations join the Global Noise Barrage

From far and wide, APHEDA’s partner organisations joined in with messages of solidarity and much banging of pots and pans.

  • “We as Filipino workers, stand with the people of Myanmar. We are calling on all the workers around the world to give strong support for the current situation in Myanmar. We stand with the people of Myanmar. Uphold human rights and democracy! No to the military junta. LONG LIVE INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY!”Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), The Philippines
  • From Myanmar to the Philippines, workers continue to be at the forefront of advancing democracy and the wellbeing of people. We stand with Myanmar tonight in opposing military dictatorship. There is no future under tyranny. SENTRO, The Philippines
  • “Viva trade union movement in Myanmar!” KSTL (Timorese trade union confederation) and SJT-TL (general workers union), Timor Leste
  • “The workers solidarity from Timor Leste to Myanmar workers!”, Working Women’s Centre Timor Leste



Trade Unions make some noise

In Australia and around the world, unionists and trade unions joined in the Global Noise Barrage.


Myanmar communities in Australia in solidarity with their family, friends and community in Myanmar

The Sydney Burmese Community also took part in a passionate and lively session of banging pots and pans and chanting during a solidarity forum in Bankstown on 15 February. Representing the Karen community in NSW, Tasneem Roc showed her solidarity calling for an end to the targeting of civilians and and end to the military coup in Myanmar. Tasneem’s video has received nearly 3,000 reTweets on Twitter! (Hint: if you’re on Twitter, give it a RT!)



As a result of the videos going out across all of our social media channels to coincide with 8pm local time in Myanmar, we received dozens of message from people inside Myanmar saying thank you for our solidarity (your solidarity!) and some even had videos and photos they asked us to push out on social media! See this video that came to us from Hpa-An, the capital of Karen State:

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