Five Actions You Can Take to Support the Coronavirus Solidarity Fund!

May 28, 2020


Are you looking for ways to stand in solidarity with vulnerable workers and communities around the globe as they organise to combat the COVID-19 health and economic crisis?

Here are five actions you can take to support the Coronavirus Solidarity Fund!

✊ Donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund!

By contributing to the Coronavirus Solidarity Fund, you will be supporting unions and community organisations as they take action to stop the spread of COVID-19 and fight for a just and equal post-pandemic world.

To learn more about the many ways your donation can make an impact, visit the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund webpage.

🗣️ Tell your friends why you donated!

We know that the single most powerful way to raise funds is by telling our friends, family, and workmates about why we are donating.

Can you help spread the word? Can you tell your friends on social media about why you are donating to the Coronavirus Solidarity Fund?

Tag Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA on Facebook at @UnionAidAbroadAPHEDA; and on Twitter at @apheda.

📱 Check out the social media share-ables!

We have some powerful photos of the work that our partner organisations are doing in Lebanon, Indonesia, and Thailand. You can share to your friends on social media by downloading them here!

📰 Share the updates from the field!

Did you know that we’re posting updates from the field on the appeal webpage?

You can stay up to date on how your donation is making an impact here! Why not share the blog post links with your friends?

📃 Share the flyer!

If you are working from your usual workplace, you can download the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund flyer to stick up on your workplace noticeboard!


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