Sydney Internationalists Discuss Brazilian Politics with Professor Rodrigo Nunes

Mar 31, 2020

In a special event in Sydney, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA supporters had the opportunity to discuss the rise of the far-right in Brazil with Professor Rodrigo Nunes, from the Catholic University of Rio De Janeiro.

In a conversation with journalist Wendy Bacon, Rodrigo gave his thoughts on what the rise of the populist right means for the wider world, and what lessons we can take from the experience of the Brazilian left.

In the conversation, Rodrigo and Wendy took questions on the failures of the Brazilian left to win at the ballot box, the social movements that threatened the Brazilian elite, and the prospects for a renewed political movement towards social justice in Brazil. 

You can watch some of the highlights from the discussion in the video below!


Thank you Professor Rodrigo Nunes for sharing your experience, analysis, and reflections on the struggle for social justice in Brazil under Bolsonaro!


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