September 22, 2023

Did you see the inspiring Walk for Yes events that happened around Australia last weekend? More than 120,000 people across the country rallied to show their support for the Yes vote. Australian Council of Trade Unions President and Union Aid Abroad board Vice-Chairperson Michele O’Neil made a speech at the Melbourne rally and took this video while on stage to show the vibrancy of the crowd.

An estimated 60,000 people marched in Melbourne and 30,000 in Sydney, with rallies taking place in dozens of regional centres as well. From the size of these events, it’s clear the momentum is just getting stronger.

Up to 30,000 people marched in Sydney for the Voice to Parliament. Photo: Peter Moss.

The Voice to Parliament is union business

These rallies were attended by many union members, with the support of their leaders. As Unions NSW says: “As unionists, we believe that when workers are consulted in the workplace, it creates better outcomes. That’s exactly what this is about.

“The Voice to Parliament is a natural reflection of union principles of consultation, democracy, and collective voice. Enshrining a Voice in the Constitution will enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to provide advice from a grassroots level to the federal Parliament on policies and projects that impact their lives and communities.”

Watch this Australian Education Union video about why a Voice to Parliament is needed.


Three weeks to go!

The campaign is hitting crunch time. In the final few weeks of the campaign, every conversation you have with an undecided voter matters.

Can you chat with your friends and family this week so they can hear why you’re voting Yes?

Check out this guide to opening up conversations with your friends about the referendum. It has tips on how to structure a conversation and includes some talking points.  “By asking open questions (not “yes” or “no” questions), genuinely listening, welcoming discussion, sharing our experiences, and approaching this as a conversation rather than a debate, we will improve our chances of persuading others to vote yes.”

If you can do more to help the campaign make a final push, please register to doorknock and phonebank, or hand out on polling day in your local area.

Click on the link in your state for ways you can volunteer.

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