Five Top Tips to Support the APHEDA Raffle

Cindy O'Connor with Ged Kearney

Cindy O’Connor with Ged Kearney (2017)

Cindy O’Connor is not only a dedicated APHEDA activist, she is also an APHEDA raffle superstar! From the time the raffle launches down to the last few days before the draw, Cindy is out selling raffle tickets to all and sundry. Cindy’s raffle ticket selling success sees her go into the exclusive Bookseller’s Draw year on year – an opportunity to double her chances at wining a fabulous prize. We also have a handy raffle resources page to help you promote the raffle! 

(Insiders’ tip: you don’t have to sell three books of raffle tickets to go into the Bookseller’s Draw, you can also buy three books yourself and maximise your own chances! Get into the Bookseller’s Draw).

Cindy’s Top Five Raffle Tips:

  1. Top tip for selling tickets? Be shameless! Ask everyone and enjoy the conversation!
  2. Who do you sell tickets to? My friends at work, people at the pub and in the coffee shop… anyone and everyone!
  3. Why are you so passionate about supporting the APHEDA raffle? Meeting Elisabeth de Araujo the Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA Co-ordinator in Timor L’este changed my life. What an inspirational activist!
  4. How many tickets/books did you sell in 2017? Heaps… so many that I’ve lost count. Usually I try to sell a ticket and my awesome friends say “nah, just give me the whole book” – too easy!
  5. How do you raise greater awareness of the APHEDA raffle? Social media! Every year I do an #APHEDAraffle selfie (or ten!). I share these on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook (then APHEDA shares them again and amplifies my impact!)

APHEDA Raffle 2019


Here’s a collection of #APHEDAraffle social media selfies!


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