Unions in Asia Join Global Call for Climate Justice

Sep 30, 2019

“The students are taking responsibility where leaders have failed. We have to thank them for their bravery in confronting the climate crisis. Their courage deserves our support.”

- Sharan Burrow, International Trade Union Confederation


Around the world, students and workers have united in the largest protest for climate action in history. Our partner unions and allies joined them, demanding a just transition into a sustainable future that protects our common home and our shared wealth and well-being.


Cambodian Building and Woodworkers Union Sends Message of Solidarity

From Cambodia, we received a message of solidarity from the President of the Building and Woodworkers’ Trade Union, Sok Kin, who said:

“The climate is now different than before and its impacts are worsening. Temperatures are changing, there are storms and rain and seasons that are not like the past. This has impact on workers living conditions and health, especially construction workers, because they cannot work comfortably or regularly.


Solidarity from Cambodian Builders and Wood Workers

We’ve received this video from our partner union in Cambodia, the BWTUC Cambodia, with a message of solidarity to the students and workers who are taking action this September 20 to demand a sustainable future.“On behalf of all builders and wood workers in Cambodia, I would like to support the students from all over the world in their campaign against climate change.”

Posted by Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA on Monday, 16 September 2019

Timor Leste Cooperative Farmers Demand Climate Action Now!

In Timor Leste, members of our partner Farming Cooperatives participated in the global call for climate action by joining the March for Climate Justice in Dili. They joined hundreds of school students and workers on the streets to demand that the international community reduce their carbon pollution and unite for climate action.

"Climate justice now!" ✊In Timor Leste, organisers and activists of our partner farming cooperatives participated in…

Posted by Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA on Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Video Credit: Adam Constanza, Content Creator 

Public Services International Rallies for a Just Transition

In Indonesia, young activists of Public Services International Asia Pacific, a Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA ally organisation, rallied on the beaches of Bali declaring: “There are no jobs on a dead planet!


Around the globe, workers and students are uniting in a historic demand for climate action! ?Young leaders of the Psi…

Posted by Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA on Thursday, 19 September 2019

CLASS Nepal Union Leaders Urge Immediate Action

From Nepal, we received a video message from union leaders of our partner organisation Nepal CLASS, who called on the international community to take immediate action to prevent dangerous global heating. They told us:

“Around the world, people are losing their lives, lands, and households because of climate change. This is one of the most challenging issues that we humans are facing. This is why we need to understand this, and we urge all government bodies to take immediate action to stop climate change. We express our solidarity to everyone who is fighting against these changes. Let’s save our earth as ultimately it saves us.”


Filipino Unionists Stand with Defenders of Natural Environment

In the Philippines, our partner union, the KMU, marched on the streets in solidarity with the defenders of the natural environment around the world and in the Philippines. The Secretary General of the KMU declared:

“We are one with all sectors and communities who actively denounce and work against the destruction of our planet as we take to the streets today holding the Global Strike Against Climate Change.”


The KMU Secretary General said:

“The destruction of our natural environment puts the physical safety of the Filipino people in jeopardy against calamities both natural and man-made. On this day, we reaffirm our commitment to fight climate change by doing all that we can to stop the corporations and governments that exacerbate it through their operations and policies.”


Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA Shows Solidarity with Front-Line Communities

In Australia, students and unions took to the streets of our capital cities, rural centres, and country towns to fight for climate justice. Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA was there, standing in solidarity with front-line communities around the world which are already feeling the impacts of climate chaos.


Around the globe, communities on the front-lines of climate chaos will be joining the #GlobalClimateStrike over the next…

Posted by Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA on Thursday, 19 September 2019


Fighting for a Just Transition

Workers across our region are taking the lead and building strong movements for sustainable livelihoods, clean air, and healthy communities. By becoming a member of Union Aid – Abroad – APHEDA, your monthly contribution will help support workers in front-line communities struggle for climate justice.

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