Video: Knocking Down the Lies of the Asbestos Lobby

Jan 30, 2020


Did you see the campaign to ban asbestos on the ABC? Our Campaign Coordinator Phillip Hazelton was interviewed on The World about the misinformation campaign that the asbestos lobby has launched in South East Asia.

Australians are well aware of the toxic legacy of asbestos, but few people know that asbestos continues to be mined, manufactured, and exported across the globe. Our region is one of the largest markets for asbestos in the world, and that is why we are joining with movements to ban asbestos in Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Watch the interview to see Phillip knock down the lies of the asbestos lobby!



“The asbestos lobby says that if you use the proper technology in manufacturing then workers are safe: that’s not true. They say that white asbestos dissolves in the lungs in fourteen days: completely untrue. They say that once the fibre is fixed in the product, like roof-sheet, then it’s safe and can’t be released: also untrue.” 


Tell the Treasurer to act!

To fight back against the asbestos industry, we are asking the Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, to act to ensure that no Australian aid and development money finances the asbestos industry in Asia. The Australian Senate has passed a motion in support of the campaign, now we need the Treasurer to commit to safeguarding Australian development money from asbestos!

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