West Australian Parliament Stands in Solidarity with Philippine Unionists


Congratulations to the West Australian activists who have brought the repression of trade unions in the Philippines to the attention of the West Australian parliament! 👏

By rallying on the streets, supporting the solidarity tour of visiting Filipino unionists, and by meeting with your elected representatives, you secured the solidarity of West Australian parliamentarians!


“I call on the federal government to show solidarity with the Filipino trade unions.”

Alison Xamon MLC

“In the Philippines at the moment, sadly, many of these rights are being abused, and they are being abused on a daily basis. Ordinary working people in the Philippines are suffering grievously because of the persecution they are facing, solely by virtue of the fact that they are trade union members.”

Hon. Dr Sally Talbot


Our partner unions in the Phillipines have told us that it is international pressure like this that will help push the Duterte regime to stop the attacks on trade unionists. 

Thank you to Alison Xamon, Sally Talbot, Mathew Swinbourn, Kyle McGinn, and Alanna Clohesy for calling on the Federal government to pressure the Duterte regime and immediately review Australia’s relationship with the Philippine military! 👏


PS. Since the KMU’s solidarity tour, it has been holding the Duterte Regime to account for its failures to address the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has been calling for responses that protect the rights and livelihoods of workers across the Philippines. 


“The COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for the government to invest heavily on our health system, particularly in government hospitals and for employing more medical practitioners and health workers who could render public service. We have long called for an increase in budget for the health sector, as well as other social services for the general public, as opposed to privatizing hospitals and public utilities.”

Kilusang Mayo Uno Union Federation

NAGKAISA and KMU Joint Statement on the Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic We are dismayed with the…

Posted by Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa – Sentro on Saturday, 21 March 2020

Show your Solidarity

When you become a member of the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, you will have opportunities to activate your solidarity. Through attending speaking tours and rallying on the streets, you can help raise the awareness of issues like trade union repression in your community. Join us!

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