Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is working with the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI) and Confederation of Indonesian Prosperity Trade Union (KSBSI) to ensure a just transition for workers and their communities in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Read more
Forty-three people took part in the Big Ride for Palestine this year from September 2-17. Read more
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA hosted its annual gala dinner in Sydney on September 12, bringing together a gathering of 280 attendees. Read more
Carolyn Dunbar is the Women’s Team lead at Victorian Trades Hall Council. She has been a member of Union Aid Abroad for five years. Read more
Julia Angrisano is the national secretary of the Finance Sector Union. She gave this speech at the Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA dinner on September 12, 2023. Read more
More than 120,000 people rallied around Australia in September to show their support for a 'Yes' vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum. Read more
There has been a very significant decrease in the asbestos roof sheet market in Vietnam in the past 10 years. Read more
The Myanmar Campaign Network explains why Australia can take practical steps, following the path paved by the US, UK, EU, to restore democracy in Myanmar. Read more
Australian economist Prof Sean Turnell is calling on the Federal Government to sanction Myanmar’s state-owned banks which are used by the ruling junta to fund procurement of weapons. Read more

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