ASBESTOS. Not here. Not anywhere.

We know asbestos kills. In some countries, asbestos is still mined, manufactured and used. Every day thousands of people are still exposed to deadly asbestos.

While some people profit, other people die. The World Health Organisation says the most efficient way to eliminate asbestos-related diseases is to stop the use of all types of asbestos.

As long as Asbestos is being used anywhere, it remains a risk, everywhere.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is building a movement of people in Australia to join with movements of people in countries in South East Asia in their efforts to see asbestos banned and eradicated.

Not here. Not anywhere.


1. Join APHEDA – contribute to the global organising efforts to eradicate asbestos.

2. Be one of the thousands we need to win – download your solidarity sign.

3. Share your solidarity sign using #NotHereNotAnywhere and/or email it to office@apheda.org.au.

4. Use this Action Pack to talk to others and get them signed up too.

5. Download posters for your workplace.

6. Download a presentation and use it to educate others in your workplace and community.

Want more info? Want to get more active?

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Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is calling on the Asian Development Bank to update the Safeguard Policy Statement to include all asbestos products as prohibited investment activities.
400 x 250 Rotterdam Convention
It's time to list chrysotile! In May 2019, representatives of countries from around the globe will meet for the 9th Conference of Parties (CoP) of the Rotterdam convention.
2019 is shaping up to be an important year in global efforts to ban asbestos. Here are some of our recent highlights from the Asbestos. Not here. Not anywhere campaign.
2018 saw the campaign to ban asbestos in Asia take significant steps forward. Read about the key achievements in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia and find out where the campaign is headed this year.
400 x 250 asbestos_media release Vietnam
Australian delegation studying asbestos threats to health in Vietnam commend Prime Minister’s decision to stop asbestos roofsheet production by 2023.
400 x 250 asbestos_media release LAOS (1)
The Australian Embassy and the Office of the Embassy of Canada in Laos cancer prevention message on billboard.
400 x 250 Study Tour
In September 2018, a team of union leaders, activists and a federal Member of Parliament visited Vietnam and Indonesia to observe and support the campaign to ban asbestos.
asbestos update august 2018
Last week the Government released their response to the interim report on protecting Australians from the threat of asbestos. Here's our summary of the good and the bad.
In asbestos campaign news this month: sign our petition to end illegal asbestos imports, join the solidarity tour to Indonesia and Vietnam and hear about some key updates in Laos and Cambodia.
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Meet LION: Our partner in Indonesia

LION’s vision is that all Indonesians can work without fear of injury or illness from their jobs because workplace health and safety hazards are understood and recognized by all. Visit LION