Perth Activists Celebrate Solidarity with Timor Leste at 2019 Annual Dinner!

Nov 28, 2019

To the activists who made the 2019 Perth Global Solidarity Dinner possible, and to the supporters who made it a fantastic night, we say congratulations!

In Perth, the Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA community of unionists, activists, and internationalists came together to fundraise for the cause of global justice. Their efforts raised over $3,000 for Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA!

Check out these photos of the night from Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA activist Philip O’Donoghue/


If you spot yourself in a photo, share it with your friends and tell them why you support the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement! ✊


To mark the twentieth anniversary of Timor Leste’s independence, a panel of guest speakers highlighted the role of Australian solidarity in securing international support in favour of a free and independent Timor Leste.

The speakers included Helen Creed (Community Legal Centres Association WA), Ramona Mitussis (State School Teacher’s Union Organiser for TAFE), Keith Peckham (former President of the WA Trades and Labour Council), and Ari Antonovsky (Melville Friends of Hatolia – Timor Leste).



Australian union solidarity with Timor Leste has a decades-long history, and that legacy of solidarity continues today. In Timor Leste, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is working with unions and social movements to build the collective power of women domestic workers, campaigning for a living wage, and building a collective voice of rural, small-scale farmers.


Activate your Solidarity

The work of building global solidarity relies on the combined efforts of a community of activists, internationalists, and unionists. If you would like to play a greater part, then contact our National Organiser to get in contact with activists in your city.

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