The Indonesian campaign against asbestos has achieved a landmark victory in a recent Supreme Court case advocating for mandatory labelling of asbestos-containing materials, highlighting the risks of exposure.
A delegation representing Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA partner organisations and staff from Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia recently participated in the 2024 Asbestos Conference in Melbourne.
In the first agreement of its kind, 14 countries of the Asia Pacific region including major asbestos-user countries like India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, have agreed to work together to ‘prevent asbestos-related diseases and to promote transition from the use
The evaluation of the Asbestos: Not Here, Not Anywhere campaign will assist the APHEDA Board in planning and consider possible future program actions and priorities.
There has been a very significant decrease in the asbestos roof sheet market in Vietnam in the past 10 years.
Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA prepared this factsheet as an information resource for policy dialogue for the elimination of asbestos-related diseases.
A thought-provoking forum was held in Sydney on August 24 about the global campaign to stop diseases caused by silica and asbestos.
The Cambodian government has released details about how a proposed asbestos ban will come into effect, including details for action, a timeline for a ban and management of related issues.
The World Health Organization estimates that 1,661 people die from asbestos disease in Indonesia every year, including 1,368 lung cancer cases and 225 mesothelioma cases. Yet, according to health system statistics, there have been no asbestos deaths and just six

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