Jan 31, 2023

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA ran a fundraising appeal over December and January to raise money for our climate justice projects in Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Your generous support raised A$24,590. This money will allow our partner organisations to continue their projects to build a grassroots movement that can tackle climate change, while ensuring the needs of the lowest-paid workers are not ignored. Making climate change a central concern of the union movement is a key part of this work.

Here is what some of our partner organisations are doing to address climate change as a workplace issue.


Women gathered at a climate change rally in the Philippines.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA and the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR) are working together to educate and build the power of Filipino workers to understand the impacts of the climate crisis, and support workers to collectively mobilise for climate justice campaigns. CTUHR have developed a facilitator’s training module for union leaders to build their understanding of the climate crisis and climate organising.


In Nepal, the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS), collected data on industries where workers are vulnerable to climate change. The study found that every workplace will be impacted – from street vendors to white-collar workers – due to the increase in temperatures and other natural disasters. Along with the impacts from extreme weather, workers are also dealing with the rising cost of food and the spread of diseases. CLASS Nepal is continuing to conduct research on a just transition among workers as part of its ongoing research program.


Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA works with the Self Employed Women’s Association in India, a women’s trade union with 2.1 million members. The organisation supports renewable energy by creating education and awareness about energy and climate change among its members. It also provides training for farmers to establish, repair and maintain solar power plants.

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