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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, as the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, works to support stronger union and social movements in thirteen locations in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. We do that by working in partnership with thirty-nine local unions and community organisations through thirty projects and campaigns.

Our approach to development and movement-building work is centred in values of partnership, solidarity, equality, justice, and accountability.

We provide on-the-ground assistance which aims to address the causes of injustice and inequality, not the symptoms.

We support organised movements of people to make their own change possible, by exerting political pressure for just and sustainable solutions.

We recognise our solidarity with the working classes and marginalised people of the Global South and stand with them, as together we struggle for a better world.

We seek to deploy funds in effective and strategic ways, with accountability to partner organisations, funding bodies and our own members.

Here are some of the projects and campaigns we undertake in collaboration with communities in our region and beyond:

By working to support strong movements of people, we can fight inequality and corporate greed. History shows us we can demand a just world.

Kate Lee

Executive Officer, Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA

To learn more about how we put our solidarity into action, take a look at the 2023 Annual Report, where you can read about our partnerships and projects, the activism and advocacy of our members, and the progress of our campaign to ban asbestos across Asia.

After 75 years of exile and dispossession, the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization is a grassroots group of refugees continuing to build resilience and practical solutions in the face of increasing tensions.
Domestic work is seen as an increasingly important source of income for young women. However, their vulnerability is compounded by a lack of legal and social protections, with domestic work excluded from Timor Leste’s labour code.
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has launched a end-of-financial-year appeal to support women workers in Cambodia.
Join us on Tuesday, June 27 at Victorian Trades Hall as we come together to celebrate our movement and strengthen the bonds of international solidarity.
Trade agreements should improve peoples’ lives and should not prevent governments from regulating in the public interest in areas like health and the environment.
National Unity Government of Myanmar Human Rights Minister Aung Myo Min is currently touring Australia and New Zealand, speaking about human rights in Myanmar at public forums in Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Sydney.
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s partner organisations celebrated May Day by joining events and rallies.
With the support of the Australian embassy in Laos, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has put up a billboard in front of the Australian Embassy in Laos to highlight the dangers of asbestos.
The people of Laos are currently struggling with a severe economic crisis. Unemployment is high, and many jobs are insecure and pay low wages.

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