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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, as the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, works to support stronger union and social movements in 13 locations in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. We do that by working in partnership with 39 local unions and community organisations through 30 projects and campaigns.

Our approach to development and movement-building work is centred in values of partnership, solidarity, equality, justice and accountability.

We seek to provide on-the-ground assistance which aims to address the causes of injustice and inequality, not the symptoms.
We aim to support organised movements of people to make their own change possible, by exerting political pressure for just and sustainable solutions.
We recognise our solidarity with the working classes and marginalised people of the Global South and stand with them, as together we struggle for a better world.
We seek to deploy funds in effective and strategic ways, with accountability to partner organisations, funding bodies and our own members.

Here are some of the projects and campaigns we undertake in collaboration with communities in our region and beyond:

Strengthening unions in Myanmar’s garment sector
Action Labor Rights (ALR) has successfully been working towards strengthening unions and organising workers in Myanmar's garment and textile industries.
MAP Radio – A lifeline for migrant workers in Thailand
MAP Radio is a voice for Burmese migrant workers in Thailand providing information on labour rights in their mother tongue via community radio stations.
Improving the Dispute Settlement Mechanism in Myanmar
Through the Labour Consultative Forum, the Myanmar Industry Craft Services –Trade Unions Federation aims to improve the Dispute Settlement Mechanism in Myanmar.
400 x 250 may day dili
Workers in Timor Leste come together for Dili’s biggest May Day ever
May Day 2019 in Dili was the biggest, loudest and best May Day ever with the largest number of workers in decades taking to the streets.
400 x 250 Vietnam Women's Parliamentary Delegation
Vietnam Women’s Parliamentary Delegation Visit Australia
In April 2019, a delegation of women parliamentarians from Vietnam visited Australia to establish and strengthen the connection between Australian and Vietnamese members of Parliament.
Karen News_construction workers in Mae Sot 2013_karennews.org website
Karen News: reporting on issues that shape the Karen community
Formed in 2011 and based on the Thai-Myanmar border, Karen News is an ethnic Karen news agency, reporting on social justice issues that shape the Karen community through video, radio and web-based articles.
Popular education for workers in South Africa
APHEDA partners with Workers’ World Media Productions on a Labour-Community Media Project which aims to provide “quality, relevant and informative media productions for the labour movement and working class people.”
Getting to Zero – PAFPI on the frontlines of a growing HIV epidemic in the Philippines
The Philippines has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region. PAFPI are working hard to support those living with HIV and preventing new transmissions.
Promoting workplace social dialogue with union representation in Myanmar
Action Labor Rights (ALR) organises workers in garment and textile industries. In 2018, ALR helped establish workplace unions at 29 factories with 11000 workers joining.

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