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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, as the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, works to support stronger union and social movements in 13 locations in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. We do that by working in partnership with 39 local unions and community organisations through 30 projects and campaigns.

Our approach to development and movement-building work is centred in values of partnership, solidarity, equality, justice and accountability.

We seek to provide on-the-ground assistance which aims to address the causes of injustice and inequality, not the symptoms.
We aim to support organised movements of people to make their own change possible, by exerting political pressure for just and sustainable solutions.
We recognise our solidarity with the working classes and marginalised people of the Global South and stand with them, as together we struggle for a better world.
We seek to deploy funds in effective and strategic ways, with accountability to partner organisations, funding bodies and our own members.

Here are some of the projects and campaigns we undertake in collaboration with communities in our region and beyond:

“Workers not slaves!” – Domestic Workers of Timor Take Demands to Streets
This year the Working Women’s Centre took to the streets with hundreds of Timorese Domestic Workers to celebrate International Domestic Workers Day and restate their demands to the Timorese government for dignity and rights at work.
In South Africa, farmers are organising to confront the climate crisis
The response to the climate crisis is not handouts, but campaigns for land rights, food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, and access to water by defending the rights of rural women, farm workers, and small-scale farmers.
A Health Clinic Emerges from Conflict on the Thai-Myanmar Border
On the Thai-Myanmar border, a local medical clinic emerged from conflict to care for the villagers who were forced to flee their homes and seek safety in the Loi Kaw Wan refugee camp.
Celebrating twenty years of independence: Alison Tate reflects on Timor Leste’s “journey of courage and resistance”
With the twentieth anniversary of East Timorese independence approaching, we’re celebrating the “journey of courage and resistance” of the Timorese people in rebuilding their country.
Filipino workers fight back against Duterte’s anti-worker agenda and broken promises
In the Philippines, the fight for a dignified wage and secure work has geared up, as Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s partner, Kilusang Mayo Uno, campaigns to end sham contracting and unites with other labour unions for a living wage.
Strengthening and Supporting Rural Farmers Organisations in Timor Leste
APHEDA's partner in Timor Leste is organising farmers to defend their rights to access land and to undertake sustainable farming practices.
Five things (+1) to know about the Karen struggle
The Karen struggle has been ongoing for 70 years. Today, the situation remains challenging for both the Karen people and the environment.
Unions across Asia-Pacific demand a just transition for workers on the front-line of global warming
Unionists from the Asia-Pacific recently gathered in Bangkok to share experiences and solutions for climate-proofing industries and workers.
400 x 250 Hapilan IOHSAD
Celebrating Ten Years Working on the Hapilan Childcare Project
APHEDA reflects on the impact of the Hapilan Childcare Project and its journey to safeguard children and support families living in a large urban poor community in the Philippines.

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