This month we meet Tim Dymond who talks to us about why he thinks joining APHEDA is the most practical way for unionists to live their values with people around the world.
In Cambodia, Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA is working in partnership with unions to advance women worker’s rights.
Despite a new wave of COVID-19 spreading across Southeast Asia, progress is being made in APHEDA’s Eliminating Asbestos Diseases campaign in Cambodia.
The SA Annual Terri Daktyl APHEDA Dinner once again raised more than $6,000 of much needed funds for APHEDA projects in Vietnam.
In Palestine, women have long played a role in the agriculture sector. This video explores the hidden roles of women in agriculture in Palestine.
Since the military seized power on 1 February 2021, the junta continues to arrest union leaders who are part of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).
The first asbestos awareness video in the Khmer language has been completed. It targets construction workers, a high exposure risk group in Cambodia.
A poll has shown that 62% of Australians believe the Australian government should support a temporary waiver on patent rules for COVID-19 vaccines.
After many years of campaigning, the global ban asbestos campaign has chalked up a significant win as the asbestos industry is forced to take a big hit in Asia.

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