Myanmar's military junta continues its authoritarian crackdown on civilians, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis with a new law that particularly affects young men and women. This controversial law mandates forced military service, recruiting civilians to fight against rebel forces. In this article, we explore the details of this law, its consequences, and how we can support those affected through international solidarity.  Read more
Indonesia is the largest thermal coal exporter in the world, but that will change in the coming years ahead. A significant shift away from fossil fuels in Indonesia is coming, and it will massively affect the workforce. Read more
Timorese unions are calling for supporters around the world to show solidarity with their campaign for a minimum wage increase. Read more
The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) in Mae Sot, a Thai city bordering Myanmar, is a crucial provider of healthcare services for refugees and migrants from Myanmar. In these challenging times, their work is more vital than ever.  Read more
This year is our 40th anniversary and the theme we’re using to commemorate is ‘Building Global Justice and Union Power’. Well done to everyone who joined and upgraded their membership. Read more
We are glad to announce that we are supporting the speaking tour of Mohamed Mayara, a journalist, political activist, human rights defender and trade unionist who lives in occupied Western Sahara. Tour will be held in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Read more
A significant victory for our Ban Asbestos campaign has been achieved in Indonesia again. The Jakarta Health Office has declared a ban on asbestos in homes, citing its severe health risks to residents.  Read more
"Working to support APHEDA’s work even in this small way has been incredibly rewarding and provided me with a more meaningful motivation for why I make art. " Read more
Press Release from the Confederal Bureau of USTKE : The events that have been unfolding since Monday, May 13 in the capital and the greater Nouméa area are of extreme seriousness. Read more

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