Vale Tom McDonald. He and his partner Audrey played a significant role in establishing Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA in the 1980s. Read more
May Day is a time to celebrate the union movement's achievements. Join a May Day 2022 event by checking out this list of rallies and marches near you. Read more
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA seeks to examine in-depth the work of a three-year project and our ongoing strategic relationship with the Working Women's Centre of Timor Leste. Read more
A project to increase women’s participation in political life has been renewed in Vietnam. Read more
Workers’ World Media Productions broadcasts weekly on 30 community radio stations in five languages, enabling popular education around working class issues. Read more
Show your solidarity with global justice and workers’ rights by buying a ticket in the raffle today. Read more
Heath care giant Johnson & Johnson is facing multiple crises after it was found the company’s talcum powder was sometimes tainted with carcinogenic asbestos. Read more
Australian unionists gathered outside the Ukrainian consulate in Sydney and the Ukrainian embassy in Canberra as part of an international day of solidarity. Read more
Michael Wright is the assistant national secretary of the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and an APHEDA Board member. Read more

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