The repression of unions in Cambodia is attracting international attention. Read more
Students walked out of class and attended protests at 35 locations around Australia on March 25 as part of the global School Strike 4 Climate day of action. Read more
The asbestos industry is in decline, but thousands of tonnes of asbestos-containing materials still pour into Asia. Read more
Burmese migrant workers won a huge victory after fighting for lost wages. They were being paid less than a dollar an hour, making clothes and toys for Starbucks, Disney and NBC. Read more
Mark Lennon is a Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA board member and has been involved in the organisation for more than 17 years. Read more
The Karen Women’s Organisation provided aid to internally displaced peoples suffering from escalating violence. Read more
Australian unionists and Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA held a rally at the Cambodian embassy in Canberra on February 7 to show solidarity with striking workers in Cambodia. Read more
The only way to avoid a prolonged pandemic is through making vaccinations widely available so no new variants are able to emerge. Read more
A new report produced by Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA and ALTSEAN Burma has described how the military junta has “shattered” Myanmar’s economy. Read more

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