Donate today to help APHEDA’s partner organisations in Myanmar and on the Thai-Myanmar border stay strong as they resist military oppression and build political power during the crisis.
Nearly two months after the devastating Easter Sunday floods, Timor Leste is rebuilding while trying to control the spread of COVID-19.
On Friday 7 May 2021, two hundred APHEDA supporters came together in Melbourne for the Painters and Dockers Solidarity Concert for Timor Leste.
On 21 May 2021, APHEDA joined young people across Australia to demand real and immediate action to avoid catastrophic global heating.
As people in Myanmar continue to deal with the fallout of the military coup, the situation on the Thai-Myanmar border continues to deteriorate.
APHEDA has been working with trade unions in Myanmar to improve their organising strategy and worker’s rights. Now the military coup threatens to undo all past successes.
Meet Alisha Bull! This month Alisha talks to us about internationalism and helping others, no matter where they come from!
On Saturday 15 May 2021, the Tasmanian Grassroots Union Choir came together to host a solidarity singalong to raise funds for workers in Myanmar.
Samoa has been greatly impacted by the global pandemic. Many workers have been laid off and financial distress is growing. However, Samoa First Union is there to give them hope.

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