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Australia Western Sahara Association is delighted to present a screening of the award-winning film, Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara, followed by a panel discussion. Read more
Sean Turnell’s three-year prison sentence is further evidence that Australia’s soft approach to Myanmar’s military junta isn’t working. The Labor government must now act on calls made whilst in opposition. Read more
Nepal is not a large emitter of greenhouse gases; however, it is ranked 4th in the world in terms of vulnerability to climate change. Recently trade unions, government, academics and relevant stakeholders came together to develop an understanding of how climate change is impacting workers. Read more
Kelly Marks is a primary school teacher and Research/Industrial Officer with the NSW Teachers Federation. She has been a member of Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA for four years. Read more
Supporters of the campaign to issue sanctions of Myanmar's military junta have sent more than 550 emails to their local MPs. Read more
The offices of seven respected progressive Palestinian civil society organisations were raided by Israeli occupying forces in Ramallah on August 18. Read more
APHEDA members and unionists were treated to a stunning performance by Orchestra Victoria at Victorian Trades Hall on August 19, 2022. Read more

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