Jobs at APHEDA
Position Vacant: Volunteer Technical Advisor – Cambodia
Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is seeking applications for a voluntary placement with its Cambodia country program.
Jobs at APHEDA
Position Vacant: Short Term consultancy Evaluation of Thai Myanmar Border Projects
Union Aid Abroad‐APHEDA is seeking a person for the position of Short Term consultancy Evaluation of Thai Myanmar Border Projects. Apply by Friday 31 January 2020.
Asbestos Safety Conference in Perth Boosts Campaign to Ban Asbestos in South East Asia
In Perth, a delegation of Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA partners from Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia joined the 2019 Asbestos Safety Conference to learn from the Australian experience in banning asbestos, and to share their stories from the campaign to
Video: How Cambodia is Tackling The Dangers of Asbestos
With the support of ASEA, the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, and the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) through DFAT, Cambodian lab technicians can detect dangerous asbestos materials in consumer and construction products for the first time.
Lee Rhiannon on why “international solidarity matters”: APHEDA People
When Lee Rhiannon was a young activist, she remembers seeing the anti-Vietnam War movement grow from a handful of people gathered in Sydney’s Martin Place to a mass movement of hundreds of thousands of people. This was Lee’s first experience
Video: Challenging the Asbestos Lobby in Indonesia
The campaign to ban asbestos has been featured on ABC News, which traveled to Indonesia to report on the push-back from the asbestos lobby.
“A Luta Continua, Viva Timor Leste!” – Melbourne Activists Celebrate Solidarity with Timor Leste
The Annual Melbourne Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA Dinner attracted more than 200 guests to mark the twenty year anniversary of their 1999 referendum, and to celebrate the long-standing solidarity between Australian unionists and the people of Timor Leste.
Perth Activists Celebrate Solidarity with Timor Leste at 2019 Annual Dinner!
In Perth, the Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA community of unionists, activists, and internationalists came together to fundraise for the cause of global justice. Their efforts raised over $3,000!
“The struggle must continue”: Elsa Pinto on the legacy and impact of solidarity in Timor Leste
At the 2019 Melbourne Annual Dinner, guest speaker Elsa ‘Uka’ Pinto addressed the audience on the continuing tradition of solidarity between the Australian and Timorese people.

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