Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is more than just an international development organisation, it is also a way for people in Australia to be active in the international global justice movement.

By becoming an APHEDA activist, you’ll join hundreds of others who have, and still are, organising across Australia to support the crucial work of Union Aid Abroad.

Now more than ever, we need activists

Covid-19 may have changed the way we meet and organise, but activist groups continue to collaborate to support and promote Union Aid Abroad and our partner organisations.

By becoming an APHEDA activist in 2021, you can have a direct impact on how workers around the world recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

What do activists do?

Activists can be involved in a range of ways including hosting fundraisers, supporting international guests on Australian speaking tours, attending rallies and actions, recruiting others to become Global Justice Partners, promoting Union Aid Abroad at events and conferences, joining international study tours, and generally creating opportunities to promote internationalism within the Australian community.

Some existing materials are available on the Activist Resources page on our website, and this will be added to throughout the year.

How can I become active?

You can join an existing activist group which can be found in many major cities including Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth.

If you live somewhere with no existing activist group, you can create your own in collaboration with Union Aid Abroad.

There is also a National Activist Group which is active online, and holds quarterly meetings. The next will be held on Thursday, 18th March.

To contact an existing group, to create a new one, or to join the National Activist Group, click the button below.


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