Five Things You Can Do to Stand with Unionists in the Philippines

Jan 30, 2020


When union members are under threat, the role of international solidarity is essential in defending the right to bargain, campaign, and organise.

Right now in the Philippines, unionists are the target of brutal government repression because of their demands for job security, living wages, and climate action. Since the rise to power of the authoritarian President Duterte, at least forty three unionists have been killed. This has meant that the Philippines is now in the bottom ten worst countries for workers’ rights.

That’s why Filipino union members need our solidarity. The Duterte regime needs to know that the world will not remain silent while trade union members continue to be persecuted, union leaders arrested, and union offices raided. Here are five things you can do to stand with unionists in the Philippines:


Melbourne union members rallied in solidarity with Philippine unionists in December 2019.


  • Hear Filipino Union Leaders Speak in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, and Melbourne

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, together with the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) will be hosting a visit by the General Secretary of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Mr. Elmer Bong Labog, and the KMU International Officer, Ms Meryl Quero-Asa. They will be visiting Sydney, Canberra, Perth, and Melbourne from February 17 to 28. To hear about how unionists in the Philippines are fighting back against repression and how workers in Australia can help, register your attendance today! 


Teacher unionists in the Philippines have been targeted in arbitrary arrests, received death-threats, been accused of terrorism by the police, and they have even been shot at in their classrooms. Sign the petition to guarantee the security and safety of all union members and leaders in the Philippines.


Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA works with the two largest union federations in the Philippines to bolster their campaigns for secure work and energy democracy. By becoming a member of Union Aid Abroad  – APHEDA, you will be supporting these projects and other projects around the globe that build the power of ordinary workers against the corporate power of multinationals.


Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA joined with Australian unions to organise solidarity rallies across Australia in December 2019.


Send a letter of protest to the Philippine government from your workplace or union to demand that the right to form a union is protected. You can download an example letter here.

Build awareness in your workplace of trade union repression in the Philippines by downloading the campaign posters here. Share photos of you and your workmates on social media using these hashtags: #StopTheAttacks, #StopRedTagging


Stand in Solidarity

Across the globe, authoritarianism and repression is on the rise. At Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, we work to build the strength of social movements and unions to defend their human rights and democratic freedoms. You can help build this solidarity by becoming a member of Union Aid Abroad –APHEDA today.

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