In February 2021, an asbestos workshop in Laos caught the attention of the local media as the Health Minister voiced support for the full phasing out of asbestos imports in Laos.
Life-long unionist and long-time APHEDA member, Lisa Chesters MP talks to us about how we can support workplace justice here and overseas (though APHEDA!).
On 11 February 2021, trade unionists from around the world joined the Global Noise Barrage in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. Here's how it went...
In January 2021, APHEDA’s Gaza Coordinator Hana Abu Nahla was interviewed on radio about women’s contribution to the agricultural sector in Gaza.
It was a busy month for the campaign in Vietnam with a capacity building training courses and workshops for doctors and policymakers.
By becoming an APHEDA activist, you’ll join hundreds of others who are organising across Australia to support global justice.
APHEDA Statement in Solidarity with Karen partner organisations and civilians in Karen State - 21 January 2021
In 2021, we need to lift our game and work even harder as the impact of COVID-19 unfolds and we focus on recovery. But, we can’t do it without you! Kickstart your solidarity today!
Life-long unionist and APHEDA Board Member, Danae talks to us about the experience of COVID-19 and discusses why international solidarity is more important than ever!

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