Fight to Ban Asbestos Boosted in Cambodia
In Cambodia, the fight to ban asbestos has taken a major step forward with the launch of the National Asbestos Profile. The National Asbestos Profile helps decision-makers, workers and consumers safeguard health and safety by identifying the dangers of asbestos
Naw K’nyaw Paw 2019 Speaking Tour
In August this year, special guest speaker Naw K’nyaw Paw will be in Australia to speak about the struggle for justice for the Karen people, the fight for women’s rights in the refugee camps, the stories of Karen refugees along
“A tenacious and tireless advocate” – Union Aid Abroad celebrates life of Eddie Funde
Eddie Funde was a tenacious and tireless advocate for his people. On the first anniversary of his passing, Union Aid Abroad APHEDA is proud to honour his life with the publication of this Commemorative Edition of the tributes delivered in
APHEDA People – Elisabeth de Araujo: “We are strong together”
When Elisabeth de Arajujo meets with domestic workers in the Timorese capital of Dili, she tells them: “you are a worker as me, I am also a worker – all of us are in the same position, so we have
A Health Clinic Emerges from Conflict on the Thai-Myanmar Border
On the Thai-Myanmar border, a local medical clinic emerged from conflict to care for the villagers who were forced to flee their homes and seek safety in the Loi Kaw Wan refugee camp.
Celebrating twenty years of independence: Alison Tate reflects on Timor Leste’s “journey of courage and resistance”
With the twentieth anniversary of East Timorese independence approaching, we’re celebrating the “journey of courage and resistance” of the Timorese people in rebuilding their country.
Filipino workers fight back against Duterte’s anti-worker agenda and broken promises
In the Philippines, the fight for a dignified wage and secure work has geared up, as Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA’s partner, Kilusang Mayo Uno, campaigns to end sham contracting and unites with other labour unions for a living wage.
Australian unionists raise record amount for Cambodian women’s unions!
Last month, we asked you to stand with Cambodian women and their unions as they enter into an uncertain future. And the response you’ve shown confirms what we already know, that Australian unionists know how to act in solidarity.
Wits put to the test in Canberra solidarity trivia night
In June 2019, activists and supporters in Canberra gathered to celebrate global solidarity as they put their minds to the test at the second annual ACT fundraiser trivia night.

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