Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA People

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is about people – people working together to make things better for all. As the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, each and every APHEDA supporter, member, partner, activist and participant here in Australia and all around the world contributes to the work it takes to tackle inequality and injustice.

Dale Beasley is the Secretary of SA Unions. Before becoming a union delegate, organiser, and director, he started his working life as a chef. Dale has been an active member of Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA for 11 years, and
Meet Dr Lachlan Clohesy, long-time APHEDA member and ACT Division Secretary of the NTEU.
Meet Deb Nicholls, long-time APHEDA member and volunteer trade union education on projects in the Mekong.
This month we meet Tim Dymond who talks to us about why he thinks joining APHEDA is the most practical way for unionists to live their values with people around the world.
This month we meet Lori-Anne Sharp who talks about her passion for social justice and why, as unionists, we have a responsibility to build capacity and be good global citizens.
Meet Alisha Bull! This month Alisha talks to us about internationalism and helping others, no matter where they come from!
Meet Andrew Dettmer! Andrew reflects upon 36 years of being an APHEDA member and how APHEDA has always been about solidarity.
This month we speak to Hiba Yasin who works to develop women's capacities in Palestine so they can better assert their rights and improve their roles within their communities.
Life-long unionist and long-time APHEDA member, Lisa Chesters MP talks to us about how we can support workplace justice here and overseas (though APHEDA!).

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