Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who supported our raffle!! This years’ raffle was a great success. Tickets came in from near and far, from inner city Sydney and Melbourne to the south-west and north-west of Western Australia, the remotest forest country of south east NSW, dark and arty Hobart, and those wonderful union members who ... Read more
This month we introduce you to Katrina Byrne. Katrina is an organiser with the Community and Public Sector, working with members in public service agencies like the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. Read more
On 27 April, the anniversary of the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994, Bob Hawke officially opened an exhibition on the history of the Australian anti-Apartheid movement at the Museum of Australian Democracy in old Parliament House in Canberra. Read more
Bono is the general secretary of SERBUK, an Indonesian trade union based in West Java. It was only after working in an asbestos roof sheeting factory for 17 years that Bono learned asbestos was in fact dangerous – “We never knew. The factory owners told us it was safe”. Read more

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