Rajendra is a victim of the global asbestos industry. He's taking the voice of victims of asbestos-related diseases to the Rotterdam Convention meeting. Read more
This month we introduce you to Ian. Read more
International Women’s Day is fast approaching, which means that here at Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, we’re thinking and talking a lot about gender equality. Read more
In November 2016, the Karen Women’s Organisation released their first ‘Situation Update’, an in-depth report on recent events and the effect on women, refugees and communities living on the Thai-Myanmar border, inside Karen State and also in greater Myanmar. Read more
This month we spoke with Carolina Leiva from south-west Sydney. Carolina is a nurse and an organiser for the NSW Nurses & Midwives Association who has a very personal commitment to anti-asbestos advocacy. Read more
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, trade unions and ban asbestos networks globally are organising together to make 2017 the year to finally shake up the global asbestos trade. Read more
Democratic space in Cambodia has shrunk further with the passing of controversial changes to Cambodia’s Law on Political Parties on 15 February. The Cambodian National Assembly has approved legislation prohibiting those convicted of crimes from leading political parties, and allows the Ministry of the Interior to dissolve political parties that threaten “national unity”. It also prevents political parties from accepting donations from overseas, a clause designed to curb the influence of the Cambodian diaspora. Read more
Our Government is writing a Foreign Policy “White Paper” that will guide the way Australia engages with the rest of the world. It’s critical that the Government listens to all Australians - not just experts - about the kind of world we want to live in and the role Australia should have in making your vision a reality. You can have your say today, just by taking the 60 second #UpToUs survey. Read more

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