Applications are being sought from Timorese media makers for independent journalism fellowships. The Fellowships will provide up to $5000 USD | Aplikasaun ne’e buka husi produtores mídia Timor-oan ba parseria jurnalizmu independenti. Read more
By Kate Lee, Executive Officer of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA The Rana Plaza building collapse of April 24, 2013 rocked the Global North. 1,138 people killed and over 2,500 injured or left with disabilities. It left us all in horror and with so many questions: Read more
This month ACTU President and Deputy Chair of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, Ged Kearney, launched the Health Supply Chain initiative. Here is an extract from her powerful speech. “Something is fundamentally wrong with the way that the world is doing business. Global GDP has tripled ... Read more
This month we introduce you to Shan teacher and human rights activist, Charm Tong. At age six, Charm Tong was forced to leave her beloved Shan State (Burma) to escape conflict. She settled in a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border with her family. Read more
A coalition of Australian organisations has today called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to end the Government’s silence over the Panama Papers and to commit to taking action on tax dodging by wealthy individuals and corporations. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA ... Read more
Pat is an organiser with the ASU NSW/ACT and an APHEDA activist. What does it mean to be union to you? PB: It means we do better when we stick together - simple yeah? What does it mean to be APHEDA to you? PB: Global capitalism means global injustice. Read more

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